Feathered Peacock Pose - Pincha Mayurasana

About Feathered Peacock Pose

The feathered peacock pose incorporates an inversion; arm balance and back bend all in one sequence! The feathered peacock position may be quite difficult to master but once you perfect this pose, not only will you have a lot of fun practicing it but you will also realize that it was well worth all the effort. Beginners can make use of a yogastrap to tie the upper forearms together, and a yoga block to keep the elbows and hands in place. Additionally, it is advised to practice the feathered peacock pose sequence against a wall for added support, so that your body does not lose balance and collapse towards the back. Before you dive into performing the feathered peacock posture, practice the Uttanasana, Gomukhasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana as preparatory poses to warm up your muscles.

Step by Step Instructions

Let’s take a look at the guidelines for performing the feathered peacock pose!

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