Why is the Glycemic Index Important? 
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Improve Your Sex Life with a Placebo

A new research study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine backs up what women have been sharing with other women throughout the ages: “When it concerns sex, use your head! The mind is your most erotic organ.”

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Beer Cheese Fondue Recipe

An enticing concoction that’s sure to add the right air of tradition to your St. Pat’s Day dinner, this Beer Fondue can be served with pretzels or bread even!

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Millet Breakfast Cereal with Fruits Recipe

This Millet Breakfast Cereal with Fruits Recipe is a great alternate of the oatmeal breakfast recipe for the Gluten Free diet followers. This is also a High Fiber and Low Sodium recipe.

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Grow your own herb garden

Starting your own indoor herb garden is great way to add some homegrown spice to all your meals. Getting started is easy - just decide on the herbs you want to grow.

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Eat your Allergies Away

Flowers are blooming and closets are being cleaned to make way for the freshness that spring brings with it. For many people, this time of year is synonymous with a renewed sense of hope and possibility.

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Longing for an intimate experience? Unwind yourself with soothing yoga tunes this week! http://bit.ly/1esz7Pu

Longing for an intimate experience? Unwind yourself with soothing yoga tunes this week! http://bit.ly/1esz7Pu

True or false? Diet soda is better than regular soda.

Fresh Juice for Weight Loss

There are many advantages of drinking juices, considering they are home-made. Drinking juice helps you absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables, providing vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin C & folic acid and they are amazing for weight loss!

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Running with Strength

Looking to improve your running performance? Add some strength training to your workout routine and you’ll help your body cushion the impact of running and your ability to recover and recuperate.Because running is a high impact activity, it often leads to injuries of the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Strengthening the muscles of the lower body, ankles and core can help properly absorb the impact (also called ground reaction forces) the body has to endure when running, helping you remain injury-free. For runners, that’s worth its own weight in gold, because it allows you to maintain your training consistency.

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Jack Knife Twist Exercise

Jack knife twist Exercise http://bit.ly/1m1xg6Y Jack knife twist exercise is particularly works on the lower abs, many primary muscles and a few secondary muscles

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Running Program for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a tedious process, but ultimately one that can be managed with a few steps. Admittedly, some people may find themselves more at home with it than others.

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Kiwi-Melon Smoothies Recipe

Just add kiwifruit, melon and apple juice and get the outstanding results.

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Diet after Weight Loss Surgery

In order for weight loss surgery to work to its fullest impact, just the surgery itself is not enough. Remember that your post-surgery diet is also critical to attaining optimal results. It is very important that you discuss the diet that you are to follow after your weight loss surgery, in accordance to the kind you have gone through.

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Does Grapefruit Lead to Weight Loss?

Want to know if grapefruit for weight loss actually works! Here is a comprehensive explanation

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