Exercises for People with Chronic Pain

You know what it’s like to live with pain and aches and the suffering that it can cause. You may feel like resting, but moving and stretching is good for you.

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Raspberry Banana Yogurt Smoothies Recipe

This raspberry smoothie has all the goodness of yogurt and fruits.

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5 Benefits of Morning Workouts

Even early birds can have a hard time leaving the comfort of their beds earlier than they have to, and for night owls it can seem almost impossible.

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5 Flat Belly Exercises

Attaining a flat belly is almost every woman’s desire – and more often than not, women find this extremely difficult to achieve. While it’s true that a flat belly takes dedication and time – the results are definitely worth it! Here are the top 5 Exercises for a Flat Belly!

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Want to shake up your #yoga music playlist? http://bit.ly/1qHP3CQ

Want to shake up your  music playlist? 

Fresh Tomato Pie

This tomato pie recipe is a great way to use those home grown or fresh- from- the- market tomatoes. You are in for compliments and great responses from family and friends. Warning!!! Only use fresh tomatoes to get the real succulent flavor.

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Top 7 Exercise and Strength Training Excuses

Running away from strength training will do you more harm than good. You may have a hundred and one excuses up your sleeve, but the only legitimate excuses that will actually justify zero weight training are doctor’s orders or a health issue! Weight training will not only guarantee a toned, shapely body that will look great, but also leads to increased strength, better bone density, enhanced cardio endurance and a heightened sense of balance. Think twice before you decide to skip the next weight training session. Fitness trainers have heard all the strength training excuses possible, and this article is about to expose the 7 most popular strength training excuses and tell you why they just don’t cut it.

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Back Exercises at Home

There are many different exercises that are aimed for the back. These exercises have been divided into different sections such as exercises for the lower back and exercises for the upper back. Here are a set of exercises that can easily be practiced at your home.

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10 Signs That You Might Need to Ditch him

So very often, girls stay in relationships with men that don’t treat them right. Either they refuse to accept the truth or find it difficult to see the waving red warning signs.

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Grab these top Zumba songs now and do Zumba on these!! http://bit.ly/1s7W1MD

Grab these top Zumba songs now and do Zumba on these!! http://bit.ly/1s7W1MD

Powerful Planks - How to Improve Body Strength with Planks

Its really too bad that planks are often underrated and underestimated as far as core exercises go. The truth about planks is that they are fantastic for almost every reason an exercise should be!

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Fruit Kebabs Recipe

Fruit Kebabs is an astounding recipe to kick start your day.

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Ab Exercises for Men and Women Workouts

Everyone wants a flat stomach, regardless of your gender. However, the way you go about getting toned abs and a strong core will differ from males to females.

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The Perfect Workout Music

Does your workout need a sound track? Hit the gym and bust out the best workout music for all season long! Get your body in full swing with our electrifying workout playlist. From running to zumba, there is a jam for every workout.

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LOL!! Well, that’s one way to keep nosy people from asking you about what you’re eating ;)

LOL!! Well, that’s one way to keep nosy people from asking you about what you’re eating ;)